What are the different karat options for gold jewelry in Dubai?

When it comes to gold jewelry in Dubai, you can find a variety of karat options to suit your preferences. The karat measurement indicates the purity of gold, with higher karat numbers representing a higher gold content.

Here are the different karat options commonly available in Dubai:

  1. 24K Gold (99.9% purity): 24K gold is considered pure gold and is the highest level of purity available. It is bright yellow in color and is known for its luxurious appeal. However, 24K gold is relatively soft and may be less suitable for intricate jewelry designs.
  2. 22K Gold (91.7% purity): 22K gold is a popular choice for gold jewelry in Dubai. It contains 91.7% pure gold and is alloyed with other metals to enhance its strength and durability. Jewelry made from 22K gold has a vibrant yellow color and is suitable for both traditional and contemporary designs.
  3. 21K Gold (87.5% purity): 21K gold is another option available in Dubai. It consists of 87.5% pure gold and is commonly used for crafting intricate jewelry pieces. This karatage offers a slightly softer and warmer hue compared to higher karat options.
  4. 18K Gold (75% purity): 18K gold is widely used in the jewelry industry and is known for its balance between purity and durability. It contains 75% pure gold and is often alloyed with other metals like copper, silver, or palladium. Jewelry made from 18K gold offers a beautiful balance of color, durability, and affordability.

These karat options provide you with a range of choices when selecting gold jewelry in Dubai. Whether you prefer the brilliance of 24K gold or the balance of 18K gold, you can find a variety of designs and styles to suit your personal taste and budget.